How to buy a CPU when you assemble your own computer? It is said that i7 is better than i5 in terms of performance. Is that true?

Based on numerous after-sales evaluations and online comments, the following opinions may be inaccurate and are only for reference and learning.

In the process of DIY computer assembly, many people have the same view on the choice of CPU, that is, i7 is definitely better than i5. As long as the manufacturers recommend the i7 CPU, they will not hesitate to choose it.

But why do you say that? That’s because computer novices all agree that i7 has better performance than i5 or i3 processors. But I don’t understand the truth that the i7 processor performs better than the i5 or i3 processor in comparison with the CPU series of the same generation. If it is not the same generation, it is hard to say. Maybe i3 processors are stronger than i7 processors.

Take a simple example, for example, to assemble a set of Core i5-10400 computers. However, businesses recommend the computer configuration of the Core i7-920 to consumers, and they will desperately advocate that the Core i7 is more powerful than the i5, and the price will be cheaper. Computer novices who don’t know where they are easily fooled. They spend their money but still believe that the recommendation is good.

You should know that the Intel Core series CPU is now the 12th generation CPU series. Core i5-10400 is the 10th generation CPU model of the i5 series, while Core i7-920 is the 1st generation CPU model of the i7 series. Although the performance of the Core i5-10400 is not as good as that of the latest 12-generation Core i5-12400, it is many times better than that of the first-generation Core i7-920.

If you compare the CPUs of the same generation, the larger the number, the stronger the CPU performance. For example, the Core i7-10700 must have better performance than the Core i5-10400, which is the same generation of Core CPU. Just like weightlifters, in the same level of competition, the heavier the weight lifted, the better it will be.

One netizen said that he bought a computer in an online store, and the store recommended him a Core i7 configuration, which was worth more than 1000 yuan. The computer configuration is as follows: CPU is Core i7-860; The motherboard is a luxury H551 all solid-state motherboard; The memory is a 16G memory module; The video card is a 4G independent video card; The hard disk is a 12G solid state+500G mechanical hard disk.

It can be said that computer novices are easy to get into the pit. As long as the Core i7 is used, it will be considered as a computer with good performance. But I don’t know such a computer configuration. It is basically a computer configuration that has been eliminated for many years. Except that the hard disk and memory module may be brand new, other hardware configurations are estimated to be second-hand or refurbished, which is a bit of a loss.

To put it simply, the performance comparison of both Intel and AMD series CPU processors is the same generation CPU series. The larger the number of CPU models, the stronger the performance. If the CPU models of different generations are compared, they will be larger than the main frequency and the size of the core thread. In this case, it is difficult to find a better CPU with different models.

In general, before DIY computers are assembled, you must have a certain understanding of the CPU model you choose, rather than blindly pursuing that the Core i7 is more powerful than the i5. If you blindly believe in the Core i7 recommended by businesses, rather than the current main game Core i7, then only computer novices will suffer.

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