How to better describe the articles about animals, what are the methods or steps?

Static animal appearance description:

The appearance of animals includes the body, hair color, head, limbs, eyes, ears, tail, and so on. Different animals have bipods, quadruped, and wings, as birds have only two feet but a pair of wings; fish have no feet, but have scales and fins. Write down the shape and color characteristics of all parts of the animal when it is static. Look carefully to distinguish the colors of the animal. Find out the shape of each part. Use the right metaphor. The description, lets the reader have the most intuitive understanding of the appearance of the animal, just like watching the photo of the animal.

Key points of parsing description objects:

Highlight the main characteristics of the description object, and then according to the main characteristics, from other parts of the description of the foil its main characteristics, closely around the main characteristics of the description. If the main description is about the beauty of animals, the analysis steps should be written around the beauty; if the main description is about the “flexibility” of animals, the resolution steps should be written around its flexibility. Be sure to have a fixed order, or from top to bottom, or first in shape before color, or first in the middle and then on the two sides, and you must be organized.

Characteristic example method:

When describing animals, we generally first point out certain characteristics of animals, and then give specific examples to confirm them. For example, the description of the owl’s night vision ability is a quite super ability, and then around the night vision ability, in-depth analysis, why the night vision ability is strong, to try to write specific so that the reader feels credible.

Selective description of key and non-key points:

Look carefully and find out what makes it different. When describing the most important characteristics of animals, we should pay attention to the use of metaphor, personification, comparison, and other methods to make the key parts leave a deep impression on the readers. The main features shall be described in detail, and the non-important features shall not be too described; In individual cases, only the main features are written, and non-main features are not written.

Describe the growth process of animals:

Write down the main stages of the whole process of animals from small to large, add the content of the feature description to the stage description, and the transition of each stage should be natural to avoid the lack of cohesion, which makes the reader puzzled. During the long process, we should pay attention to systematic observation, write down the observation diary and write down the observation results. Finally, as long as the observation diary is modified, the diary will become an article reflecting the growth process of animals.

Experimental proof method:

Find out some little-known characteristics and habits of animals, and prove that animals do have such characteristics and habits through experiments. It is necessary to record the process of the experiment and write down the method, process, and results of the experiment in order to convince the readers. The general method for the content of such articles is to raise questions –>the process of experiments –>the summary of results.

Precautions when describing group animals:

To describe a group of animals, we must focus on the description of an animal or its characteristics, and not describe each or every animal in detail. We should select the animals with characteristics, observe the key objects, and describe them in detail, and not describe others in detail. We should make sure that the selected objects have typical characteristics, highlight the key description of animals, and grasp their shape, color, and action to carry out specific descriptions. For unimportant animal individuals, one aspect of them can be simply described. If it is necessary to describe a group of animals, there must be some key description objects.

On-site feeling:

In the process of description, the place of observation is clearly explained to give it a sense of reality. In the process of writing, the description words of time nature and action description words are often used to enhance the sense of the scene. The description content is not necessarily to be comprehensive and complete, but the description content should also be carefully selected to highlight the key points. In the process of narration, we should make clear what we saw with our own eyes and what we guessed. Such articles are generally scientific.

Describe animals in the first person:

Use the first person to describe animals and write “I” as animals. When writing, we should integrate “I” and animals, and use anthropomorphic methods to describe animals. We should reflect the characteristics of animal shape, movement, and habits, and also reflect some characteristics of people. Only in this way can the article be both scientific and lively.

The spiritual characteristics of animals and their emotional statements:

All animals have a valuable place worthy of description and praise, even have good emotional factors, the unique spiritual characteristics of animals, we can rigorously detailed descriptions, or discussion or praise, combined with our human comparison, make the article more moving content, and people in daily life, work to have the spirit, quality, thought closely linked. At the same time, and then appropriate emotional speech, around a central idea to describe, discuss, and emotion.

When describing animals, do not ignore the surrounding environmental factors:

In the writing of the article, animals should be described in detail, and the description of animals is the center of the whole article. But don’t forget that when describing animals, you should properly describe the surrounding scenery, not too much. The description of scenery only serves as a foil in the full text

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