What is the popular graphic design software nowadays? Which ones are comparable to Photoshop? (Ⅰ)

The popular graphic design software now includes:

  1. Pixso: It is a new generation of collaborative online graphic design software suitable for team projects, and supports multiple people to collaborate in real-time on one link. It is also very convenient for creating graphic designs and features real-time collaboration, intelligent design tools, and link delivery.
  2. Paintshop Pro: It has similar functions to Photoshop and has been strengthened through AI commands. It is the best graphic design software for those who pursue suitable and more affordable alternatives to Adobe.
  3. Xara Designer Pro X: It provides a great basic feature combination that is very suitable for web design.
  4. GIMP: It is used by artistic enthusiasts and budget-conscious graphic designers, and is one of the most accessible open-source photo editing programs today.
  5. Gravit Designer: It is one of the reliable graphic design software.
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