Global handicraft-related websites ranking list top 15 (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction variation with five options instead of the traditional three. of clapping and jumping game rhymes. Strategy and game news from the World RPS Society. article on the three-way conflict, with comments from those who voted for their favorite weapon.,_Paper,_ScissorsAn article explaining the rules, variations, strategies, and lists of recently played tournaments. of how the game is played. discussion of the Roshambo programming competition. to add Bomb, Bird, Water, and Chopper hand forms. on how Roshambo and Janken are played in different cultures. how to thumb wrestle, with a snake in the grass variation. results of a Roshambo contest between brothers using Christmas lights captured by a webcam. the basics as well as multi-player variations. Includes photographs. strategy and statistics for the game of RPS, including an original match format. of a competition for a game console. instructions and variations for four games.
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