Global handicraft-related websites ranking list top 15 (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction Twitch. tv: Online game video lives broadcast network is a platform dedicated to online video live viewing of games. It broadcasts various games such as DOTA2, LOL, SC2, world of warcraft, etc. Players can also participate in it. Many users are I am doing my own game video live broadcast, currently there is a Chinese version. Delivers a range of games straight to a computer’s desktop. Includes automatic updates, lists of games and prices, posters, plus access to a large gaming community. is a game battle platform set up by Blizzard. is a way to connect directly to the Internet, which allows gamers from all over the world to travel on each other’s adventures. Official site of the free MMO building game for kids. News, contests, forums, parent’s section, and merchandise.  IGN (Imagine Games Network) is a multimedia and review website, mainly for video games. 
The parent company is IGN Entertainment (GameSpy, Rotten Tomatoes, AskMen holder). Official site. Features, media, screenshots, FAQs, and forums. Cheats and hints for PC, GameCube, Xbox, and other platforms. site.  A database website for World of Warcraft. Offers modifications for PC games, accessible by genre. Also offers a Windows download manager. GameSpot is a website of the world IT information media giant CNET International Group and is a world-renowned professional game information site. 
Launched in 1996 with the desire to be the best gaming site in the world, it is our mission to provide users with complete, timely, trustworthy content and buying advice. A multi-platform game development tool with a customizable and easy-to-use editor, graphical pipelines to DirectX and OpenGL, advanced physics engine, 3D audio and video, and scripting through Javascript, C#, and Python. Can publish on the Wii and iPhone. Official site. Includes game information, screenshots, and a newsletter. The official Xbox website, Manufacturer of graphics processor technologies for computing, consumer electronics, and mobile devices. Information on the company and its products and technical support, plus an online store.
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