Top 15 list of global game research-related websites (for reference only)

Name WebsiteIntroduction Peer-reviewed, a scholarly journal on computer games. Articles focus on the aesthetic, cultural, and communicative aspects of computer games. Research is both quantitative and qualitative, and is particularly centered on players of EverQuest and other Massive Multi-Player Online Games. of Dutch independent game scholar Joris Dormans. His articles on games and related subjects can be found here. Articles, links, and weblogs chronicling the personal search for games and toys, ideas and innovations, people, and events that enhance our capacity for having fun. Providing strategic market research in the interactive entertainment, video game, and interactive broadcasting industries. Game designer, artist, and academic at NYU exploring the theory and practice of game design. Essays, links, teaching. Professional and academic articles, presentations, and interviews on game design philosophy, MMORPG design, and game education. Theorist and author/developer specializing in interactive fiction, often in the crossover between game and literature. Games, fiction, publications, and links. Independent. Weblog, articles, games. Research on political games, simulations, and ludology. jill/txt is Jill Walker’s weblog or research diary about hypertext fiction, electronic texts, net art, net literature, MUDs and MOOs, computer games, and cyberculture. Offers news and research information on the development and social impact of computer games, and the Games Research mailing list. A weblog about politics, technology, and culture. By Clive Thompson. Game designer and theorist. Archive of columns published in Gamasutra, other articles, a list of print publications, and pages describing game philosophy. The personal site contains articles and writing samples including research on MMORPG economies and “A Rape in Cyberspace.” Website of Bill MacKenty, technology teacher at a traditional public school using video games in the classroom. Provides strategies for using games in teaching, including notes on assessment, and supplies pedagogically specific reviews of video games.
Author: listenerxu
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