Global e-book site ranking list top 15 (for reference only)

NameWebsiteIntroduction Https:// library of 38,000 free epub books and free kindle books, whose copyright has expired in the U.S.A. An open-source e-book library manager for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows platforms. Features include e-book conversion, sync to e-book reader devices, and Downloading news to convert to e-book. Features FAQs, forums, video tutorials, and manuals. Sells an e-Ink reader, apps for mobile devices, and associated ebooks. The site includes FAQs, firmware upgrades, the option to contact technical support, specifications, manuals, documentation, and usage information for consumers. Download free books for students, business professionals, and travelers in PDF format. Free and bargain copies of bestselling eBooks for Kindle, and Nook. Thousands of free e-books are available in multiple formats, including specific e-reader and PDA formats, epub, HTML, PDF, large print PDF, and plain text. Provides links to thousands of downloadable eBooks and online lectures, guides, and notes on science and medical topics. Provides free eBooks and audiobooks from multiple sources in a format that’s easy to browse. Provides freely downloadable eBooks, documents, and lecture notes found all over the internet. Visitors can also submit and promote their own eBooks or add comments on already posted books. Free ebook reader for multiple platforms. Supports a lot of popular bool formats: ePub, fb2, Mobi, etc. Connected to popular free & paid book catalogs. e-Ink readers and tablets. The site includes FAQs, upgrades, manuals, general information, and forums. ms. Free classic literature to download and share with anyone. Trade and standards association for the digital publishing industry. Offers hundreds of free ebooks in all genres by contemporary writers. Also offers new writers the opportunity to publish and promote ebooks for free. A compilation of free IT-related books and textbooks available for viewing, downloading, and with very few exceptions, printing for your own private usage.
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