Top 15 list of global programming-related websites (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction StackOverflow: Q&A website for programmers is one of the most popular technical Q&A websites in the global IT industry. It makes a boring technical Q&A website as fascinating as an online game.
Https://  Https://  Official website with information and downloads. Provides articles, whitepapers, interviews, and sample code for software developers using Microsoft products. Server-side HTML embedded scripting language. It provides web developers with a full suite of tools for building dynamic websites: native APIs to Apache and other web servers; easy access to MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, and other databases; IMAP; LDAP; HTTP headers and cookies. Complete and hyperlinked manual documents and explains all elements of PHP. Includes FAQ section and user comments. java official website, Java is an object-oriented programming language that can write cross-platform application software. Showcase of advanced techniques with editable source code. Intuitive and powerful mobile-first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. A fast, concise, library that simplifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and AJAX. Test and share JavaScript, CSS, HTML, or CoffeeScript online.
Https:// Https:// Official site for the interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, extensible programming language. Includes news, documentation, free downloads, and developer information. basic to advanced PHP functions. Users can also learn how to integrate PHP with other languages ​​such as MYSQL, AJAX, and XML.
Https://  Https://  Package manager. Installs publishes and manages node programs. C++, C#, and .NET (including VB.NET) articles, code snippets, and discussion boards. The official homepage of the open-source content management system. Offers documentation and the source for download and hosts developers and community portal.
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