Global animation-related website ranking list top 15 (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction Features articles on anime, manga, cosplay, and games from Japan. Also includes an image gallery for sharing wallpapers. Nintendo’s official Pokémon site. Latest news, Pokédex, games, downloads, and competitions. Anime industry news and reviews. Features an encyclopedia, forums, surveys, and contests. Dilbert and gang offer daily comic strips, archived comics, e-cards, games, and desktop diversions. ns. Features a large variety of series available for streaming. An online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming, and a virtual world. Anime and manga database, reviews, and social networking features such as blogs and the ability to keep track of what you’ve seen and read. A performing arts website for actors that includes editorial and casting, audition, and job notices from the publications Back Stage East (NY), Back Stage West (CA), Ross Reports, and the film/TV trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter. Also hosts a searchable Talent Database of actors, singers, and dancers, along with various entertainment industry resources. Lyrics from over 7000 anime, J-pop, and video game songs. A visual guide to cartoon and video game voice actors and their characters with photos and recent news. Search by actor, characters, or series. Features a collection of games, movies, and the series “Xiao Xiao” featuring action stick Provides Dragon Ball Z, Naruto news, information, images, and tests Providing Naruto image galleries, animated gifs, jutsu information, communities, episode air dates, and forums. encyclopedia containing information on anime series, movies, games, and manga. Graphics-intensive multimedia and news information resource for all Transformers series, toys, and related merchandise. Includes music, photos, reviews, videos, podcasts, fan art and fiction, discussion and sale/trade forums, and character/toy profiles. Also home to Radicals: a resource for TF custom toys and figures.
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