Category: Personal Safety

Broad category: including human life, health, freedom of action, housing, personality, reputation, and other safety. Narrow category: such as the original meaning of personal safety in the criminal law, is the safety of the body itself as a natural person. Personal safety-Travel safety-Safety measures.
1. Try not to take a bag when going out. It is best to take a taxi when carrying valuables. 2. Walk and keep a certain distance from strangers, be vigilant; avoid walking in sparsely populated places, walk in remote places to avoid suspicious people; do not distract yourself from some abnormal phenomena around you (such as someone losing money), and do not chat with friends when walking. 3. Try to avoid going out at night, and go home as soon as possible at night. 4. Don’t hang your phone on your waist and try not to make your phone.Personal safety-Travel safety-Safety measures.