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1.The posture of sitting in the dining chair

Remember: never touch the back of the chair. Sit up straight and bring food to your mouth when eating. Even if you eat dim sum that is easy to fall off, don’t bend over to eat it. Soup is the only exception – you can nod a little.

2. size and selection of napkin

The sizes of napkins used in different occasions are different. 17-20 feet for lunch, 12 feet for afternoon tea, 26 feet for dinner and 6-9 feet for cocktail party.

3. dining progress and precautions

The traditional custom is that the time to go to the bathroom is generally not reserved during meals. The meal will last for about 2 hours. You should pay attention to drinking an appropriate amount of wine and avoid going to the bathroom.

4. praise is to distinguish the object. Don’t praise at will!

Don’t praise the food (because the food is cooked by the cook rather than the hostess); Don’t praise the hostess’s dress (because the hostess is usually dressed appropriately by default) and home furnishings (if you don’t seem to adapt to a good indoor environment, it is tantamount to belittling your own advantages).

5. seat arrangement

Mainly women, but in the traditional sense, the host will arrange guests to sit in the principle of alternating men and women. Married couples are separated because they are usually considered to have had enough time together. The engaged couple will be arranged to sit together so that they can talk here.

6. precautions when talking during meals

In order not to neglect any guests, you should talk to the man next to you. After that, the hostess will cough gently, and then you should turn to another man at your side. This is the so-called “principle of rotation”.

7. choose the appropriate topic during the conversation

Never talk about money, work, sex, health, politics and religion at the dinner table. In this regard, older ladies usually maintain order. But in the afternoon tea, the conversation topic should be especially relaxed and pleasant.

8. precautions for eating dessert

The dessert after the main course is called pudding, while dessert is just a fruit plate. It is usually served after pudding, and the knife and fork are still used when enjoying. Bananas can’t be held up. I don’t know why. I guess they are like orangutans.

9. after dinner

If you are the hostess, after dinner, you should take the ladies to the living room for coffee or wine. In this way, men can talk about politics or other topics for 20 minutes, and then go to the living room.

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