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Etiquette about drinking soup

The soup of Western food is divided into the clear soup and thick soup. More formal restaurants use oval spoons and cups when supplying clear soup, and round spoons and wide-mouthed soup plates when supplying thick soup.
The posture of holding the spoon is to scoop food from the inside to the outside. 
Don’t make a sound when drinking soup for Western food. When using soup, do not blow the soup cool with your mouth. Shake the soup gently to cool it. 
After eating, put the spoon on the chassis in front of you or on the plate. Place the handle of the spoon on the right, and the concave part of the spoon is upward; This is true for both soup cups and plates.

Etiquette of eating bread

The bread is located on the left side of the main course. When eating, you can take the bread in your left hand, then tear it into small pieces with your right hand, then take the small bread in your left hand and apply the cream with your right hand. Tear the bread into small pieces and then apply milk.
In Italian restaurants, olive oil is sometimes used instead of cream.
Never cut bread with a knife.

Etiquette of eating salad

The salad plate is on the left side of the main dish. 
Americans usually serve salad before the main course, while Europeans usually serve salad after the main course. 
Salad is eaten with a fork. If the vegetable leaves are too large, you can cut them on the plate with a knife, and then eat them with a fork.

Etiquette for eating seafood such as fish and shrimp

When eating half a lobster, you should hold a fork in your left hand, fork up the shrimp tail, hold a knife in your right hand, insert it into the tail, press the shrimp shell, and use the fork to pull out the shrimp meat before cutting it. Lobster feet can be eaten by tearing off the shell with your fingers.
The principle of eating fish fillets is to eat one piece and cut one piece. You can eat with a fork in your right hand or with a fish knife. 
When eating whole fish with head, tail, and bone, it is advisable to cut off the head and tail first, and then remove the fins. Put the cut head and tail fins on one side of the plate, and then eat the fish meat. 
To remove fish bones, use knives and forks instead of hands. If there are fish bones or other bone spines in the mouth, you can take them out from the closed lips by hand and put them on the plate. 
After eating the upper layer of the whole fish, do not turn over, peel off the keel with a knife and fork, and then eat the lower layer of fish. 
The attached lemon slices should be squeezed with a knife and fork. When eating shrimp and crab, you should always bring a bowl of hand-washing water.

Etiquette of eating meat

Know how well the steak is cooked. The one with blood is rare. Half-life is medium rare. Medium is medium. Well done is well done. Beef can be ordered according to the degree of maturity you like, but pork and chicken are fully cooked.
Cut the steak from the outside to the inside. If you don’t cut it off once, cut it again. and You can’t cut it like a saw, don’t pull it, and don’t make a sound, and the size of the meat should be one bite.
When chewing meat, close your lips and keep quiet. Chew meat. Don’t talk or draw with knives and forks.
When eating meat, you should eat one piece at a time. Do not cut all the meat into small pieces at one time, which will lead to the loss of gravy and a decrease in temperature.
Roast or fried chicken is eaten with a knife and fork on formal occasions.

Etiquette for eating fruits and desserts

The cake, pie, and cake shall be eaten with a fork. and The harder one shall be cut with a knife and eaten with a fork.
Ice cream, pudding, etc. eat with a spoon. and Hard biscuits are small pieces and are eaten by hand.
Granular fruits, such as grapes, can be eaten by hand. If you need to spit seeds, spit them in your palm and then put them in a dish.
Juicy fruits such as watermelon and grapefruit should be eaten with a spoon.
When eating fruit in Western food, you often put on a finger bowl and the water is used for hand washing. and Use only to wash your fingers. Don’t put your whole hand in.
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