Alibaba Cloud Group CEO Zhang Yong’s theme sharing at the 2023 Alibaba Cloud Summit

Zhang Yong first reviewed the development of Alibaba Cloud over the past 14 years. In 2009, Alibaba Cloud, as a pioneer of cloud computing in China, proposed the strategy and vision of cloud computing. For 14 years, Alibaba Cloud has adhered to cloud computing as its core strategy. Alibaba Cloud has seized the two opportunities of mobile Internet and industrial digitalization to develop with customers and partners.

Zhang Yong pointed out that cloud computing is entering the era of intelligence. In the past, new internet companies first utilized digital technology to develop and then drove various industries to digitize. But now, on the basis of preliminary digitization, all industries are standing on the same starting line, facing the opportunities and challenges brought by intelligence. Zhang Yong believes that all industries are worth re-interpreting based on the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, which will bring about changes in production, work, and lifestyle.

In order to meet the intelligent era, Alibaba Cloud is ready for cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Alibaba Cloud provides full-stack technical services ranging from infrastructure services to Big data and machine learning platforms to model as a service. Alibaba Cloud is committed to creating inclusive and universal cloud intelligence technology and services, benefiting more enterprises.

Zhang Yong said that the future focus of Alibaba Cloud lies in: 1) making computing power more inclusive. Alibaba Cloud will further reduce the cost of cloud services and allow more enterprises, especially SMEs, to use cloud technologies and services; 2) Make AI more popular. Alibaba Cloud will open the basic model, support the development and application of customer-specific models, and cooperate with universities and scientific research institutions to create industry models.

Finally, Zhang Yong said that Alibaba Cloud would fulfill its commitments with high standards, ensure the security of customer data and services, promote ecological prosperity, achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, and implement the ESG strategy. Alibaba Cloud thanks customers and partners for their trust and support over the years. Alibaba Cloud looks forward to working with you to continue to create opportunities and achieve a better future in the intelligent era.

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