Writing skills, how to take the right way to express emotions?

The importance of emotional expression in writing is often because the main line of writing emotion is not well grasped, and the quoted aphorisms and classic allusions become pale stacks, which not only does not add color but also makes the article more shallow and empty. It is the lack of an “emotional color” that can penetrate the full text, that is, the emotional expression. Generally speaking, there are two types of emotional expression:

1: Direct expression of feelings:

It can make the feelings expressed plainly and truly, shake people’s hearts and be firm. The direct lyricism is generally applicable to express strong and tense feelings. The direct lyricism is characterized by strong emotion in narration, fast and tense rhythm, direct emotion, and ease to grasp.

2: Indirect expression methods:

It is characterized by lyricism, implicit and tactful, full of rhythm and strong appeal. Indirect lyrics can generally be expressed through narration. The author adds his own subjective emotion color to the narration, and narrates according to the flow of emotion so that the reader can feel the author’s thoughts and feelings in the process of narration; It can also be expressed through discussion. In the discussion, the author expresses strong feelings of love, hate, praise, and derogation. The discussion in this narrative is generally carried out by judgment; You can also express your feelings through the description. In the process of description, the author penetrates his own feelings. The indirect lyric method should be used to make the language beautiful and emotional.

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