Top 15 list of global mental health-related websites (for reference only)

NameWebsite Introduction Featured columns on relationships, mental health education, and work-related issues. Recent mental health news and archives. Includes a national therapist directory. Promotes research and represents the professional interests of psychologists in the United States. Includes information on publications and conferences, and a find-a-psychologist referral feature. Expert advice, feature articles, community, and resource directories for adults and parents living with attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities. Includes the latest news, forums, book review database, and much more. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of various mental illnesses. Included are brochures and information sheets, reports, press releases, fact sheets, and other educational materials. A directory of therapists and counselors is located worldwide. Also lists workshops and has information about therapy and the code of ethics. Ninds.nih.govAn NIH site with research and clinical information on disorders of the brain and nervous system. explanations of symptoms, medications, and therapy. Comprehensive information on psychological disorders and psychiatric medications. Support groups, psychological tests, online diaries, mental health news, mental health videos, and more. The Federal agency is charged with improving the quality and availability of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitative services in order to reduce illness, death, disability, and cost to society resulting from substance abuse and mental illnesses. Resources on addiction and recovery issues. Information for children. A nonprofit association dedicated to encouraging the formation, growth, and success of small businesses nationwide through counseling and mentor programs. PsyBlog is an academic psychology blog discussing current research and theories. The Stream has links to psychological articles from around the web. An online support community for those who suffer from social anxiety. Free personal development and conscious living resources, with a focus on discovering your life purpose and summoning the courage to begin acting on it. The nonprofit organization provides information and support for patients and health professionals, with details of conditions, and lists of resources. Offering resources in self-help, psychology, and mental health.
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