Top 15 list of global public health and safety-related websites (for reference only)

NameWebsiteIntroduction The Consumer Protection Agency of the U.S. Government monitors medical devices, foods, drugs, biologics, veterinary medicine, and toxicological research. Information and education about heart and stroke disease. Four Divisions in the Graduate School of Public Health, offering a total of ten different graduate degree programs. U.S. Federal emergency management organization, with a large amount of data and information concerning emergency response strategies. on births, deaths, aging, disease classification, and other health statistics. Provides practical healthcare information, research findings, and data to help consumers, health providers, health insurers, researchers, and policymakers make informed decisions about healthcare issues. guidelines and resources for vaccine packaging, labeling, and recording. The Montgomery County (Maryland) Government website provides information and services to residents, visitors, and businesses of Montgomery County. Guidance in improving community health and development. Offering specific, skill-building information on a variety of community topics. Independent US regulatory agency that helps keep American families safe by reducing the risk of injury or death from consumer products. Listed are a variety of topics, including recalls, guidelines, and information for consumers and producers. Includes news headlines, boating information, and career opportunities. United Nations public health arm. Monitors disease outbreaks, assesses the performance of health systems around the globe, maintains world epidemiological and statistical information, and other activities. Leading postgraduate medical institution in Europe and Britain’s national school of public health. Includes research opportunities, and short courses for registered nurses for example Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Doctors and nurses volunteer to provide urgent medical care in countries to victims of war and disaster. Includes news, exhibits, publications, speeches, field news, and volunteering information. Offers a wide range of resources and teaching tools to help healthcare professionals lead effective improvement efforts, enhance clinical outcomes, and reduce costs. Contains information on research, online discussion groups, publications, and links to other sites.
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