Top 15 list of global information service-related websites (for reference only)

Name WebsiteIntroduction Offers workflow solutions aimed at productivity. Overview of sectors in finance, healthcare, media, and science, with information for investors, careers, global office locator, headquartered in New York City. ( NYSE TRI, NASDAQ TRIN ) Not-for-profit computer service and research organization whose systems help libraries locate, acquire, catalog, and lend library materials. Offers solutions for convenient access to emerging markets business intelligence, covering more than 120 emerging markets. Delivers worldwide business news and information and powerful searching to provide customers with relevant information to inspire their business decisions. Content can be delivered directly to the desktop or integrated into customers’ own systems. A Dow Jones Company. Supplies multimedia, books, and related information services to libraries and retailers. Provides book binding and re-binding services to school and public libraries Product information and news for librarians and information industry professionals. Specializes in providing information research and brokerage services and solutions to insurance companies, asset-based lenders and professional service providers, and federal, state, and local government agencies. Specializes in rebinding children’s books to withstand the abuse and hard usage when at a school or public library. Offers models, consultancy and management solutions, software, and business information to support finance, insurance, utility, and service companies. A research and advisory service focusing on information content strategy and use, serving a wide range of vendors, buyers, and users of information. Provides financial, political, and industry news and reports containing company profiles, market reports, and other analytical information for emerging markets in Europe and Asia. Provides real-time industry intelligence and analysis with database, messaging, and information delivery software. German information broker specializing in information about companies, markets, industries, products, customers, top executives, countries, and governments worldwide. Provides book acquisitions and collection development services to academic libraries and corporations.
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