Top 15 list of global encyclopedia-related websites (for reference only)

NameWebsiteIntroduction is an award winning site covering thousands of topics within its own 10 channels: Auto, Computer, Electronics, Entertainment, Health, Home, Money, People, Science and Travel. Provides complete text of Encyclopaedia Britannica with search capabilities, related links, and multimedia enhancements. Free trial available. Mathworld.wolfram.comGlossary of terms. Material ranges from undergraduate to research level. On-Line dictionary, Internet encyclopedia, and almanac reference. Simple.wikipedia.orgUser-contributed online encyclopedia intended for people whose first language is not English. Definitions of many computer-related terms, from hardware to the Internet. Free resource offers more tens of thousands of articles from multiple sources. A database of information about killers. Features males and females, searchable by country or name. Multimedia, featuring text and videos. Results can be sorted into most recent or popular, guides or facts. Contains the complete contents of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia. Over 15,000 articles and pictures about the Torah, history, literature, biography, geography, genealogy, and theology. Accessible for free and full-text searchable. Open access encyclopaedia, based on Kluwer edition of 2002. Originally commissioned and peer reviewed articles across the life sciences. Online encyclopedia requires paid subscription. Includes information about the state’s natural and prehistory. Exploring the past people, government, economy, and culture of the state. Offers an A-Z index or a map from which to select an article. Also provides a blog. The premier internet encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and religion.
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