Top 15 list of boomerang-related websites worldwide (for reference only)

NameWebsite Introduction club publishes magazines, runs tournaments, and in general promotes the sport and history of boomerangs. boomerangs.orgProvides instructions on throwing, types and how they are made, and information on subscribing to the rang email list. boomerangpassion.comIncludes design plans with descriptions and pictures, decoration ideas, FAQ, photos, and related links. listing with results, rules and the basics of constructing a boomerang from this club in England. select gallery of boomerangs for sale; throwing instructions, safety tips and links to other boomerang sites. websites organized by region and topic.!/!/Basic description for construction of various boomerangs. usba.orgFeatures FAQ, events calendar, regional contacts, vendor database, and crafting and history resources from this official administrative organization.
Plans for making and flying small boomerangs made from file card paper. tutorial explains the physics behind the propeller-like flight of the boomerang. memorial site in honor of Hubert Foulon (1940-2000), one of Belgium’s boomerang pioneers. Hubert was both a boomerang master and artist. Pictures of his boomerang activities and paintings. lesson plan uses the boomerang to demonstrate basic mathematical principles.
Explains how to design and make a cardboard boomerang, with pictures.
Plans for building and flying a four-wing boomerang from a manilla file folder. history and introduction, local tournaments listing, and a photo gallery.
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