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What should be paid attention to when eating sashimi

When eating sashimi, you can take the seasoning plate to your chest. Sashimi should not be stained with too much soy sauce; There are two ways to use mustard when eating sashimi:
Dig some mustard from the sashimi plate into the soy sauce plate and stir with the soy sauce.
Dip mustard on the sashimi, and then dip the sashimi into soy sauce. When dipping in seasoning, you should dip in the first third. More will cover the freshness of the sashimi itself.

When do Japanese drink

In Japan, when we have dinner together, we raise our glasses together and say “cheers” before we start eating. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, many people in Japan get together to hold a year-end party and a new year’s party.

How do I put my shoes in the guest room

You need to take off your shoes after entering the room. The direction of the shoes is outward. It is impolite to take off your shoes facing the guest room, then squat in the corridor, lift your shoes with your hands, turn around and put them in, and take off your shoes with your back to the guest room.

How to arrange the seats in the private room

The farthest position from the door is the upper seat, where the boss or VIP should sit. People with lower positions or seniority sit at the nearest place to the door. If it’s a formal banquet, the Japanese usually arrange a person called an “officer” to take care of everything in advance. Of course, this person is also responsible for paying the money. This person usually sits at the nearest place to the door.

Simple dining language

When ordering in a restaurant, some restaurants will prepare buttons on their seats. As soon as they press the button, the waiter will come right away. If there is no such button, you will have to call a waiter. Just say “Su Mi Ma Sen” and the waiter will come back to take your order. In Japan, people usually say “I TA Da ki Ma Su” before a meal, and after a meal, they say “go chi so sa ma de si ta (I have finished my meal, thank you for your hospitality)”

“Pre dinner dishes” in the tavern

Places that office workers and men must go after work. The waiter will serve you a small dish of wine while serving you wine. It is usually about twoorthree yen. It tastes good. If you don’t like it in advance, you can push it off.

Can I finish all the food when others invite me to dinner

In Japan, if you deliberately leave some food, the host will worry about whether the food is not palatable. In Japan, when you are invited to dinner, you’d better eat as much as possible.

Other precautions during meals

When eating or drinking soup, you should pick up the bowl with your hands and eat. Do not put your lips on the edge of the bowl. You should use chopsticks to hold the rice before putting it into the mouth, except when eating pickled rice. Do not use your left hand to directly take the dishes on the right. You should use your right hand to pick them up and then change to your left hand.
When we eat together, we usually use public chopsticks. Do not use chopsticks to point fingers and feet or point at others, and do not “wander” on dishes. When it is necessary to add food, do not finish it. The Japanese are used to adding food only after a little is left.

Precautions for chopsticks

Most restaurants use sanitary chopsticks, but more formal restaurants use fir chopsticks with clear wood grain and other high-grade products. When opening the sanitary chopsticks, hold the chopsticks horizontally, and gradually pull open both hands up and down. It is impolite to rub the tips of chopsticks after pulling them apart.
After taking out the chopsticks, the chopsticks bag shall be vertically arranged on the left side of the food. The chopsticks are horizontal. Put them back into the chopstick pillow during the meal. The chopsticks should also be horizontal. The chopsticks should not be facing others. If there are residual dishes on the chopsticks, you can wipe them with a napkin. You can’t lick them with your mouth. It’s very unsightly. If there is no chopstick pillow, you can tie the chopstick bag gently and use it as a chopstick pillow. After the meal, put the chopsticks into the original chopsticks bag and put them back on the chopsticks pillow.
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