How to play freely in Bermuda, Check tourist attractions

Tourism is the most important economic sector in Bermuda, accounting for 32% of GDP and 40% of total foreign exchange revenue.

The following content is for reference and learning only, and the ranking is not divided.

1Southampton parish TourismHamilton and St. George’s towns under British jurisdiction are also part of Bermuda.
Southampton is located on the south coast of England. It is a port city in the south of England, one of the top ten ports in Britain, facing the English Channel and the gate of the south of England. Southampton is also an important ocean port and naval base in Britain, an important passenger ship and container port city, the largest passenger station in Britain, and the seat of ISAF headquarters. Ocean Village wharf often hosts international sailing competitions. Southampton is a thriving but quiet city without the bustle of traffic and the bustle of lights.
2St. George’sBermuda is the oldest and largest city, located in the northeast corner of its main island. In 1612, Britain established a settlement here called “New London”, which is the third settlement established by Britain in North America after St. John’s and Jamestown. Before 1815, the city was the capital and main port of Bermuda until Hamilton rose and became a new shipping center. Today, St. Georges still retains the style of the 17th century, and in 2000, together with the surrounding areas, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
3St. David IslandFrom 1970 to 1995, the whole region, including the airport, was the base of the Bermuda naval air station. The style of houses here, if it can be called architectural style, is very unique. The base is located in the east of St. David island and has a long history. In 1944, during World War II, the United States established Fort Bell And Kindle field airports here. At that time, Cooper Island contained a large number of bullet bunkers and underground oil storage tanks. In 1960, Nasa decided to establish a tracking station on Cooper island. This tracking station is also used in the mercury project. In 1977, the United States closed the tracking station. In 2001, the island was returned to Bermuda. Some buildings on St. David’s Island have been reclaimed and repainted by local enterprises, and others are still waiting to be renovated. Cooper island has become a nature reserve. The military relics on the island are preserved. Because they are open to the public, tourists can visit these old buildings freely.
4Tuckers TownThe beach in tuckers town is called the private beach of the “millionaire area”. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg owns a 6000-square foot house here. It is said that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Texas billionaire Ross Perot Sr. also own real estate in tuk town.
5Devon Parish, EnglandDevon is a large county in the South and west of England, adjacent to Cornwall to the west, and Dorset and Somerset to the East. It is unique among English counties because it has two separated coastlines, the English Channel and Bristol Channel branching the Atlantic Ocean. Although Devonshire is the official county name, Devonshire and Devonshire’s interchangeability is commonly used for general purposes, and Devonshire often indicates a traditional or historical background.
6St. George’s DioceseSt George’s district is located in Barbados, adjacent to St Joseph, Christchurch City, St John’s District, St Thomas District, St Philip district, and other districts.
7Paget ParishHamilton and St. George’s towns under British jurisdiction are also part of Bermuda.
8Flatts VillageA village in Bermuda near Harrington Bay is part of the city.
9Bermuda sands parishHamilton and St. George’s towns under British jurisdiction are also part of Bermuda.
10Titanic Engineer Officers MemorialSpeaking of this scenic spot, I am a little sad. I have always liked the theme of Titanic since childhood, and I appreciate the life consciousness of the British rich and poor very much.
The Titanic and Maritime Museum collects some of the wrecks and scale models of the Titanic. It seems to really restore the glory of the Titanic when it was launched and the dejected sadness after the sinking.
In addition to this memorial hall, Southampton also has some other monuments, such as the monument of the white star shipping company in the city center, and the monument of seven musicians who played to the last under an office building on London street. On April 15 every year, Southampton citizens or descendants of boatmen of that year will come here for flowers.
11SeaCity MuseumThe names of the victims of the Titanic are engraved on the wall (most of them have no photos), Movies are romantic, but The reality is cruel.
Walking into the Ocean City Museum, it’s not hard to find the stories of the city’s residents and the Titanic, and the sailing history of the land.
The great Titanic museum displays everything related to the Titanic. Because Titanic was made in Southampton, it was once the pride of the city. The content in the museum is rich and diverse. You can also crossdress cos (a must for photography maniacs), have exquisite and small models, and have interactive experiences such as sending moss code and sailing. In interactive entertainment, you can experience the difficulty of sailing and have an in-depth understanding of the experience of sea navigation.
12University of SouthamptonIf you have time to visit the campus, you are always good. There is a small gallery, and the library is also great.
Hartley Library and Avenue campus can feel like a real red brick University. Turner Sims concert hall is worth visiting.
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