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“Dirtiest fruit” refers to the fruit most seriously polluted by pesticides and pesticide residues. The US Environmental Working Group pointed out that the pesticides and pesticides contained in fruits pose hidden dangers to human health, especially have serious adverse effects on the development of children. It may become a carcinogen, leading to brain and nervous system poisoning, hormone secretion disorders, skin, eyes and lungs irritation.

1appleApple has topped the list of the dirtiest fruits and vegetables for many years. This year’s test found that 99% of apple samples contained at least one pesticide residue, and the total residue was the highest.
2strawberryFrom the 5th place in the list last year, it has risen to the 2nd place this year.
3grape15 pesticide residues can be detected in a grape sample. In terms of the types of pesticides contained, grapes ranked first, with a total of 64 different chemicals.
4Celery13 different pesticides can be detected in a celery sample.
5PeachIt contains more pesticides. EWG emphasized in the report that pesticides are obviously toxic. They are intended to kill living pests, weeds and fungi that are detrimental to the growth of crops.
6SpinachSpinach is one of the most seriously polluted vegetables by pesticide residues.
7Sweet pepperLike grapes, a sweet pepper sample contains 15 different pesticide residues.
8Imported nectarinesEach imported nectarine sample tested positive for pesticide residues.
9cucumberPesticide residues.
10potatoCompared with other food crops, the weight of pesticide residues in potatoes was significantly higher.
11Cherry Tomatoes13 different insecticides can be detected in a sample of virgin fruit.
12Pepper67% of pepper samples contained detectable pesticide residues, even after washing or peeling.

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How to wash fruits and vegetables correctly

It’s not difficult to wash fruits, but there are few fruits washed in the right way. It introduces the cleaning of peaches, grapes, apples, Bayberry and strawberries.

Peach cleaning method: first wet with water, then rub the peach surface with salt, soak it in water for a while, and finally wash it with clean water. Or put a little salt in the water, directly soak the peaches in the water, and then gently scrub them with your hands, and the peach hairs will fall off.

Grape method: put the grapes in water, and then put two spoonfuls of flour. Don’t knead them hard. Just toss them back and forth, and then wash them in water. Those dirty things will stick to the flour.

Many people eat apples with their skins, but the pesticides and chemicals left on the surface of apples are harmful to human body. Apple cleaning is very simple, just like peaches. After the apples are wet, put a little salt on the skin, gently rub them back and forth with both hands, and then rinse them with water

Myrica rubra has the functions of quenching thirst, generating saliva, helping digestion, etc., but it will rot when washed hard. Myrica rubra can only be soaked in salt water for half an hour. Salt has the effect of sterilization and can also remove insects on the surface of Myrica rubra

Cleaning method for strawberries: rinse them with tap water for a few minutes, then soak them in rice washing water and a little salt for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse them with tap water.

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