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1Akebia DecaisneIt is a genus of Ranunculaceae. Distributed in eastern Asia (China, Japan, and Korea), it is an important
medicinal plant. Its roots, vines, fruits, and seeds can be used as medicine. It has high medicinal value;
The leaves, flowers, and fruits are highly ornamental, and the pulp is rich in nutrition and can be eaten fresh or processed.
2Annona squamosa Linn.Cherimoya is a tropical fruit, which is most commonly found in Taiwan and Hainan. Its flesh is milky white, with a dense taste, sweet and slightly sour, and tastes sweet when eaten fresh.
3Salacca zalacca (Gaertn.) VossIt is a fruit from Southeast Asia. The shell of snakeskin fruit has a texture similar to that of a snake. When you eat it for the first time, you will feel that
the pulp has a sour smell, just like lees. But when you taste it carefully, you will find that the taste is good. In addition, snakeskin fruit is rich in nutrition.
4Cucumis metuliferus E.Mey. ex NaudinSpiny horned melon is a kind of strange-looking fruit. The flesh inside
is green and there are some strange thorns outside.
Although it looks like some kind of poisonous aquatic organism, it is actually a very soft and juicy fruit.
5Black persimmonBlack persimmon has a lovely common name, called “chocolate pudding fruit”. The flesh of black persimmon is really dark,
just like the color of chocolate. It is said that the black persimmon tastes like chocolate, but it looks like a broken fruit.
It is native to the South Pacific Islands. Mature Noni will emit a pungent odor. Although it tastes bitter, it is often used
by islanders to satisfy their hunger because of its large output. Therefore, it is also called “hungry fruit”.
7a granadilla; 
a passion fruit
Passion fruit, commonly known as “Brazil fruit”, is native to Brazil and belongs to the Passiflora family. Its fruit juice is known as “passion fruit” because
it can emit the rich aroma of pineapple, banana, guava, strawberry,
lemon, pomegranate, and other fruits. Although the appearance of passion fruit is a little similar to that of mangosteen, when you cut it, you will find that it looks like an unripe egg yolk.
8Nephelium lappaceum LIt is also called maolitchi. The hairy appearance greatly reduces people’s appetite. However, when Xiaobian first ate it, he found that the taste was very similar to litchi,
and the eating method was also very similar to litchi. As long as the soft burrs were removed and squeezed gently, the white and transparent flesh would be exposed.
9Ugly orangeUgly orange is also called “ugly”. I believe many people have eaten it. Although it looks a bit greedy and wrinkled, its taste is very delicious and easy to peel. This is also the gospel of lazy people.
10pitayaIt is native to the lahari desert in Khartoum Africa. It is also called African honeydew. It is pear-shaped and weighs no more than a pound. The peel is rich in vitamin C and plant fiber.
The jelly-like pulp can be eaten directly or squeezed into fruit juice for drinking. It has the taste of lime and banana.
11PawpawProduced in the United States, it looks like a mango, but its color is not as yellow as a mango. The taste is similar to a banana, mango, and Hami melon. It contains more protein than most fruits.
12black brinNative to India, it turns green when immature,
then gradually turns pink and crimson
until it turns black. It tastes sour, sweet,
and astringent, and the tongue will turn
purple after eating.
13Penglai bananaIt is native to the rainforest of Central America
and looks more like a corn cob. Only the flesh
is edible and the peel
is poisonous. The mature Penglai banana has
a mixture of banana, pineapple, and mango.
14custard appleOriginating in tropical Central
America is named for its
the appearance that resembles
Shakyamuni’s hair. Although
it looks barren, the white pulp
is soft and sweet, especially
rich in flavor.

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