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Nowadays, there are many reasons for suffering from hypertension. Most people do not pay attention to their diet. They often eat foods that are harmful to blood vessel health, such as various fried foods and spicy and stimulating foods. If they eat too much of these foods, they will damage the blood vessel wall and increase blood viscosity. Some people usually focus on heavy tastes in their diet, such as too much salt, which leads to an increase in blood pressure, We must have the awareness of preventing hypertension, and take antihypertensive drugs in time when we find that blood pressure rises.

After high blood pressure is replaced, there will be two abnormalities in the early stage. Let’s take a look. The first one is dizziness. The rise in blood pressure will affect normal blood circulation. If the blood vessels of the brain are blocked, it will lead to the insufficient blood supply to the brain and hypoxia. Therefore, many people will have unexplained dizziness in the early stage, especially when they wake up in the morning, they often feel black in front of them, dizzy, and have headaches, People with sphygmomanometers can measure blood pressure. The second is numbness in the hands and feet. When the blood pressure in the human body rises again, it will affect the blood supply to the limbs. Lack of adequate blood supply will lead to numbness.

It has been announced that celery is not the best natural antihypertensive drug. Many people neglect the nutrients that can help us regulate blood pressure. After high blood pressure occurs, we must pay more attention to our diet. Many foods will raise blood pressure unconsciously. Similarly, we can also add some nutrients that can reduce blood pressure, such as antimicrobials, which help us stabilize blood pressure, To expand blood vessels, and improve the internal environment of blood vessels, in addition to reducing the pressure on the blood vessel wall, it has the effect of lowering blood pressure,

The first thing to mention is onions, which should be familiar to everyone. It is a very common vegetable. Many people often mix onions with eggs and eat onions stir-fried. It is not only delicious but also has the effect of lowering blood pressure. This food is rich in vitamins, which can promote blood circulation and help us stabilize blood pressure. The second is celery, People with unstable blood pressure can eat some celery appropriately. This food is rich in dietary fiber and many microelements. Eating celery appropriately can promote sodium ion emission in the human body. It can help us to further stabilize blood pressure. If we want to reduce blood pressure and protect blood vessels, we should not only pay attention to diet but also develop the habit of drinking more water. Supplying enough water can improve the body’s ability to excrete. If we add some food materials with lipid-reducing functions to the water, the effect will be further improved,

According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, after matching honeysuckle, jasmine, kidding, dandelion, mint, and other ingredients in proportion and starting to brew, drink one cup each morning and evening every day to lower blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar. dandelion is rich in potassium ions, magnesium ions, and other trace elements, which can clear away heat and detoxification, remove blood waste, dredge blood vessels, prevent narrowing of the lumen, and help maintain the elasticity and pain of blood vessels, We have to prepare these ingredients by ourselves, which is time-consuming and laborious, and we can’t master the dosage and proportion of the ingredients, so we can directly choose the tea drinks that have been scientifically prepared. When we drink, we can take out a small bag and brew it for three to five minutes. The ingredients are naturally free of side effects and have been professionally processed and developed. Nowadays, hypertension has become more and more common, especially for elderly friends, and it is very likely that blood pressure will rise. Therefore, as people grow older, they attach importance to the maintenance of blood vessels and pay more attention to the abnormalities of the body. If dizziness, hand and foot zebra, and other problems occur, they should take blood pressure measurements in time, or go to the hospital for inspection and diagnosis.

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