Global electrical and electronic website ranking list top 15 (for reference only)

Name WebsiteIntroduction Makes devices for personal computers, networking, and communications products. Produces flash memory, microprocessors (mainly x86), communications ICs, and embedded system ICs.s. Designer and supplier of digital signal processors. Other products include discrete and integrated circuits, calculators, and digital light processing (DLP) technologies. Manufacturer of consumer electronics, computer products, business and office equipment, broadcast audio and video equipment, building and commercial tools, security systems, and industrial electronics components. Offers products including semiconductors, electromechanical, passives, and interconnects. Electronics and industrial conglomerate with operations in the automation and control, information and communications, lighting, healthcare, and energy sectors. ( NYSE: SI ) Supplier of LEDs, photodiodes, phototransistors, and seven-segment displays to the electronics industry. Electronic components distributor offers online ordering, technical product information, and engineering tools such as a project manager and bill of materials tool. Supplier of automatic test equipment and software for the electronics and telecommunications industries. Distributor of electronic components and industrial products has online ordering of capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits, semiconductors, and transformers. Offers solutions for electrical distribution, industrial control, and automation projects. Manufacturer of automation and process control systems, electronic components, instrumentation and measurement devices, and power substation and oil and gas equipment. Product and service descriptions, white papers, and company background. Manufactures a wide range of ICs for applications such as automotive, communications, and consumer electronics, among others. Formerly Motorola Semiconductor. Produces a diverse range of devices, ranging from single transistors to microprocessors. Offers ICs for data converters, amplifiers, DSP, RF and communications, power and thermal management, supervisory and interface, and MEMs.
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