Does the bucket and dustpan of human fingerprints contain a genetic curse? Is it related to genes? Can you decide your destiny?

Does the bucket and dustpan of human fingerprints contain a genetic curse?

Each of us is an independent individual, and each person’s DNA and fingerprints are different. For this reason, we can even set passwords through fingerprint identification. However, according to the older generation, the pattern displayed on the fingerprint also means whether a person will be rich or not. Some people even have curses on their fingerprints. Why can only ten fingers distinguish more than seven billion people on the earth? What’s the secret of human fingerprints? Are they different because of the curse of genes? Can fingerprints really determine people’s future?

From the morphological point of view, fingerprints can be divided into three different textures: dustpan, bucket, and bow. In general, dustpan-shaped and bucket-shaped fingerprints are more common, while bow-shaped fingerprints are less common.

The arched fingerprint is the appearance of lines. It is relatively gentle, from one side to the other, basically showing a parallel state, while the dustpan shape is showing a curve with openings, which is formed by one arc in turn. Among them, only the dustpan-shaped fingerprint will form a complete closed loop, which is composed of small to large circles.

There is a saying that the more “fights” on the fingerprint, the lucky it will be, and the more “dustpans”, the more rough life will be. In this way, is there a gene curse hidden in our fingerprints? Is that the truth? The Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed the mystery of fingerprint genes. Among the latest research results of the team in China, it can let us all know more about the fingerprints that each of us has.

In fact, fingerprints are a physical feature of all living things. Although it looks like a texture on our hands, it actually has a certain amount of friction. Fingerprints can cause friction when touching things, which can not only save energy but also make our hands grip things more tightly, so it is very important.

The newborn baby also has fingerprints and basically has the general attributes at the 10th week. By the 12th week, the baby in the embryo has fingerprints.

Do the type of fingerprint and the form it reflects really determine a person’s fate? Among the older generation, they even directly concluded that there were several “dustpans” or “buckets”, which would correspond to a person’s fate, or what kind of peach blossom, or what kind of official fate and disaster. In fact, this statement is just a folk rumor and does not have a scientific basis.

In January 2022, the Chinese Academy of Sciences participated in a study in which they collected 23000 fingerprints from the society for analysis. In this study and analysis, they found the real factors related to fingerprints.

In this study, they also overturned the previous conclusion that fingerprints are related to skin development. Previously, in the scientific community, it was believed that the formation of fingerprints had a certain relationship with the growth of subcutaneous tissue and dermis. Therefore, in the process of skin growth, our epidermis had a stretching process. In this case, fingerprints were formed due to different pressures.
However, in the latest study, limb development is actually more closely related to fingerprints. In the latest research, it is indicated that the formation of fingerprints has a great relationship with mesenchymal cells during limb development. In fact, genes related to fingerprints also affect the patterns formed through limb development.

Therefore, from a practical scientific point of view, fingerprints do not have a very close relationship with a person’s fate, but they can also reflect certain diseases. Among them, like leukemia patients, there will be more bucket fingerprints.

In addition, there is a very special family in the world, the Indian Apu family. They do not have fingerprints. In the process of studying them, it was found that this phenomenon is because they have a genetic disease of dermatoglyphics, which destroys the development of their fingerprints.

This shows that the fingerprint on the human hand does not hide the curse of genes, but it can also be a representation of some diseases, which can be used as a reference. This further shows that we should not blindly believe in the fate of “bucket” and “dustpan” in fingerprints.

Once you have a fingerprint and it is formed, it will not change easily. It is a unique mark for everyone. It can also be used to identify people because of its very special feature. Up to now, mobile phones used by everyone basically have the fingerprint recognition function, which is precise because of such a special feature, which is combined with our intelligent use.

In fact, as early as ancient times, fingerprint pressing has been used as the basis of identity, and now it is also used in the process of police investigation to identify identity.

In general, the statement about the specific fate of folk fingerprints is not correct. However, scientific research in our country is also helping us to further understand the different causes of the formation of our fingerprints. With the continuous development of scientific research, fingerprints have played a great role in our daily life.

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