Category: System Maintenance

In order to eliminate faults and errors in the system operation, software and hardware maintenance personnel should make necessary modifications and improvements to the system, System Maintenance-Computer maintenance-Office maintenance.
In order to enable the system to adapt to the changes in the user environment and meet the new needs,
we also need to do some local updates to the original system,
this work is called system maintenance. System Maintenance-Computer maintenance-Office maintenance.
Regular inspection, repair, and optimization to ensure the normal operation of the computer system.
Mainly from the hardware and software aspects. Hardware includes maintenance and upgrade of major computer components; software includes computer operating system updates and antivirus.
The focus of system maintenance is the maintenance of system application software, which is divided into the following four types according to the different properties of software maintenance:(1) Error-correcting maintenance. (2) Adaptability maintenance.(3) Perfect maintenance.(3) Perfect maintenance.