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Outside of Japan, it usually refers to Japanese animation or the obvious Japanese style of animation, but it is not necessarily limited to “Nissan animation”, which was originally promoted only by Japanese animation revitalization in the United States. A,anime1-animation-technology-animation-design.
The Japanese word “アニメーション” is a foreign word, corresponding to the English word “animation”, pronounced “アニメーション (Roman tone animation)”. At the same time, the Japanese katakana “アニメーション” is omitted in the form “, corresponding to the Roman letter “anime”, which is very similar to “anima”. Anime was therefore used in Japan as a proxy for the art form “animation”.anime1-animation-technology-animation-design.
Many sites concentrate on anime development. Anime is the timeless melody of Japanese anime. In Japan, comic books are not only popular among children but also among many adults, forming a comic book culture.