Top 15 list of global paranormal-related websites (for reference only)

NameWebsiteIntroduction coasttocoastam.comA late-night syndicated radio talk show in the United States that deals with a variety of topics, but most frequently ones that relate either to the paranormal or to alleged conspiracies. disclose.tvDisclose. tv is a fast-growing multimedia and news hub dedicated to unusual and unexplained phenomena as well as alternative topics that may be ignored, denied, or inadequately covered within the mainstream media – the first and already largest of its kind. rense.comProvides UFO talk and political intrigue all seven nights a week along with special guests. crystalinks.comCrystalinks is a meticulously cross-referenced compendium angeltherapy.comA clairvoyant psychic who lectures and leads workshops to train participants to become a Certified Past Life Healer and Regressionist, Angel Therapy Practitioner, or Angel Intuitive. Includes profile, course details, and FAQ. oranum.comThe very first Global Esoteric Community with free chat that connects you with the world’s most renowned Psychics: astrologers, tarot masters, clairvoyants, healers, and many others. mysteriousuniverse.orgCovers the strange, UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts and Hauntings, and Cryptozoology unexplained-mysteries.comInformation and articles, including cryptozoology, UFOs, crop circles, and ghosts. californiapsychics.comOffer in-depth psychic readings, free daily horoscopes, and advice articles dealing with love, relationships, work, and life. prophet666.comFind Mantras, Aartis, Chalisas and Stotras. Prophecies of Nostradamus, Bible, India, World, and Kalki Avatar. Health, Paranormal and Wealth Remedies. psychicguild.comOffers email and phone readings. Includes profiles, a discussion forum, and testimonials. Hawthorn North, Victoria. psychic-revelation.comServices include psychic, Tarot, specialty readings, and a metaphysical store. Features news, service details, and articles. West Virginia. yourghoststories.comTerrifying stories on abandoned houses and legends. Submissions accepted. creepyhollows.comCreepy Hollows is a paranormal community. It is comprised of people from all across the world, of different backgrounds, religions, ages, etc that all share one common thread… a passion for the paranormal. What do we mean by paranormal? Spirits, ghosts, aliens, UFOs, dimensions, magic, spellwork, the power of nature, religious icons, natural energy, oddities, miracles, mysteries, secret societies, forgotten or ancient civilizations, witty observations, and everything that has to do with the paranormal & metaphysical in between. micheleknight.comOffers psychic readings by phone, web chat, email, and video. Features profiles and videos.
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