Top 15 list of global online writing material sites (for reference only)

NameWebsite Introduction LiveJournal is a comprehensive SNS dating site with forums, blogs, etc. Brad Fitzpatrick started it on April 15, 1999, to keep in touch with his classmates, and it has since developed into a large online community platform, a great place for internet users to gather, LJ supports multiple languages and has an overall ALEXA ranking of 84, with an average daily visitor count of 6. 288,000+, The average daily visitors can reach over 6,288,000. Scribd: Online document uploading and sharing community is an excellent document-sharing platform where you can not only browse a lot of good books but also upload your favorite books to share with others. Supported formats for uploading include Word, PDF, TXT, HTML, JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel, Postscript, and even MP3 audio. Automated story archive arranged by genre and searchable by author, title, and keyword. The Web s the best source and online magazine for smart, timely, lively original reporting and commentary on news and politics, business and entertainment, culture, and life. Thousands of poems and poets. Poetry Search Engine. Free, personal online journal host. A showcase for poems about family, friendship, and relationships. Features include the poem of the day, reviews, ratings, and a poetry forum. A community for poets. Journaling community hosting personal, customizable journals. Based on Livejournal source code. Online library with short stories, classic literature, children’s stories, poems, speeches, and essays. Best Poems is a poetry anthology of about thousands of famous poets. A collection of all-time greatest and best poems and quotes indexed by the best poem and quote every year. Poetry contests and resources for poets or those interested in poetry. About journaling, writing ideas, journal prompts, kids, writing, building and strengthening self-esteem in children, and other topics such as creative writing. An archive of New Yorker articles by the author and information about his book. This web site dedicated to the short story and to those interested in reading light prose.
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