Top 15 list of global health services-related websites (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction Ask The Doctor is a free-to-use medical q & website where you can ask our network of doctors any health-related questions in any specialty. Our mission is to make access to a physician accessible to everyone worldwide. Online analysis of symptoms, lifestyle, risk factors, and personal and family medical history. Comprehensive fee-based medical referral service. Offers online medical consultation, and general health information. Portable health records to store personal health information and test results in a safe and secure way. An e-health company offering online and telephone-based personal healthcare services. Ask a physician or a specialist a question. Contains profiles with credentials details. Karnataka, India. Subscription-based medical advice for companies and their employees. free medical consultation and advice from a panel of medical doctors, nurses, or experts in all medical specialties. Offers online medical consultation and advice, latest medical news, atlas of anatomy and skin diseases, cancer risk, and diabetes charts. English and Russian. wallet size card with your medical information can mean the difference between life and death during an emergency situation. Guide to keeping your own health records online. Provides living wills at no cost to all who request them; stores your medical records and emergency medical information for immediate download by health care professionals worldwide. Allows a consumer to create a personal medical folder. It assists medical practitioners to quickly reviewing key medical information, and more accurately treating a patient, particularly in an emergency. Information about the company and its services provided. Includes an introduction, fees, FAQs, and contact details. Provides secure online storage and retrieval of advance medical directives and emergency medical documents.
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