Top 15 list of global consulting-related websites (for reference only)

 NameWebsiteIntroduction Premium content subscription site where users collaborate with each other to solve their technology problems. The firm provides consulting, training, and support services. Features news, articles, and books, as well as company details. DTI has made itself available for providing hosting solutions, co-location, bandwidth, and web page design. Also available to Japanese companies. At HCL, we believe that sustainable business outcomes are driven by relationships nurtured through values like trust, transparency, and flexibility. We are 90000 Ideapreneurs in a Relationship Beyond the ContractTM with 500 customers in 31 countries, offering an integrated portfolio of services including Software-led IT solutions, Remote Infrastructure Management, Engg. Insight is a technology solutions provider serving global and local clients in 170 countries. More than 80 percent of the Global Fortune 500, rely on Insight to acquire, implement and manage technology solutions to empower their businesses. A joint venture with Accenture and Microsoft to provide business- and industry-based solutions utilizing Microsoft technology. An IT consulting firm focused on building business productivity solutions. Includes overview of products and services, affiliations, client lists, case studies, and consultant employment opportunities. racked offers a broad range of Linux management services, but the most important thing we provide is the peace of mind that comes with having a partner who has your best interests in mind. Whether we manage your complete IT infrastructure or provide consulting or administration services, you receive reliable advice at a predictable price. racked’s business-driven approach is comprehensive, taking into account costs, best practices, and your true needs, then connecting you to the right resources to meet those needs. Offers a combination of hardware and software and also provides a complete turn-key solution. A division of Deutsche Telekom. Desktop services, systems integration, computing, network services, and e-business. eInfochips is an IP-leveraged design services company with spec-to-silicon-to-system capabilities. eInfochips’ suite of specifications for silicon services and IP enables the company to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to technology companies worldwide. Supplier of data access middleware. Dallas-based consulting firm offering solutions in 4 key areas: Management Consulting, Microsoft Solutions, Java Solutions, and Business Intelligence Knowledge-based technology solutions and consulting. Includes divisions, services, and contacts.
Namecgsinc.comNamecgsinc.comFull-service systems integration consultancy.
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