Top 15 list of global audio-related websites (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction Head-Fi is the meeting place for headphone hi-fi and portable audio enthusiasts. Forum for professional and amateur recording engineers to share techniques and advice. large Web community (forum) for the discussion of diy audio. Registration is required for full access. Focused on high-fidelity stereo equipment and music. Site offers discussion forums, help, and general information for the audio enthusiast. US-based print and online magazine provides equipment reviews, software and music reviews, and interviews. Also offers a yearly buyers’ guide, recordings of the month, links, back issues and marketplace. En.audiofanzine.comA resource for anyone doing home recording including: news, product/equipment reviews, latest releases and community discussions. Largest source for home theater reviews, recommendations and technical guides for consumer electronics equipment and accessories. Targeted to consumers and custom installers. Offers consumer-generated product reviews, ratings, prices for home theater and high end audio gear. Home recording and mixing project studios. Use of 4-tracks, 8-tracks, effects, compressors, analog, and digital. The music and pro-audio theme park. Features classifieds, synth site, directory, and chat. Community blog of audio professionals sharing useful tips about home music production. Independent online publication offering listening tests, tweaks, advice, factory tours, interviews, and do-it-yourself projects. [English and Italian] Information on mid- to high-end universal remote controls: product reviews; message forums. An online magazine about recording gear and techniques. Microphone database and search engine. A wide collection of DIY Audio Projects that range from chip amplifiers to speakers to tube pre-amplifiers.
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