Top 15 list of global aerospace and defense-related websites (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction Manufacturer of civil and military avionics and other aerospace products, integrator, and also service provider. Aircraft microphones, cockpit headsets, and noise abatement products for jets and prop aircraft. Products and services in the fields of commercial airlines, air traffic management, and integrated defense systems. Also solid-state electronics development for commercial, defense, and space applications. A European consortium producing the Airbus family of passenger aircraft, a corporate jet, the beluga super transport, and military transport. American-made handguns, revolvers, and tactical pistols. Features weapons made by this firm, an online store, warranty, and videos of how to use and maintain the weapon. Also provides information about the academy and a dealer locator. Manufacturers of a large range of regional and business aircraft including the Learjet and Canadair ranges. He is also the global leader in the rail equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. Its wide range of products includes passenger rail vehicle Provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to customers in the aerospace and building industries worldwide. Research, design, development, manufacture, and integration of advanced technology systems, products, and services. Specialties include aeronautics, electronic systems, and space systems. Missile defense, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; precision strike; homeland security and technical services. : A major electronic systems company acting in areas such as defense, aerospace, airlines security and safety, information technology, and transportation services. Development, delivery, and support of advanced defense and aerospace systems, including manufacturing military aircraft, surface ships, submarines, fighting vehicles, radar, avionics, communications, electronics, and guided weapon systems. Power systems provider, designing, manufacturing, and supporting a range of products and services for air, sea, and land applications. Designer, systems integrator, and manufacturer of military aircraft, defense electronics, precision weapons, and commercial and military aerostructures. Companies, current projects, events, organizations, and links for ground forces and army defense industries.
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