Top 100 Most Influential Historical Figures (Part V): List of Chinese Historical Figures (for reference only)

ordernameHistorical timestatusconsequence
81Luo Guanzhongabout1330-about1400The author of the romance of the Three KingdomsIt is the originator of Chinese Chapter novels, marking the completion of the transition from the “vernacular” stage to full-length chapter style in ancient Chinese novels. The influence of its novels goes deep into the hearts of the people, and even Nurhachi learns its wisdom. The romance of the Three Kingdoms created the precedent of historical novels, and countless historical novels have inherited and developed historical romance.
82Xu ShenAbout 58- -about 147The Eastern Han Dynasty famous philologist (known as “the word holy”), linguistHis work Shuowen Jiezi is the first book in philology and the most authoritative book. It is an indispensable bridge and key to exploring ancient culture and studying ancient prose. Without the spread of this book, we would not be able to understand the seal script since the Qin and Han Dynasties, not to mention the oracle bone inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty, the gold inscriptions of the Shang and Zhou Dynasty, and the ancient inscriptions of Warring States period.
83Gu Kaizhi348-409Eastern Jin Dynasty painter, painting theoristIn the history of Chinese painting, the Wei, Jin, Southern, and Northern Dynasties are a very important historical period. Gu Kaizhi, who is respected as the ancestor of painting, and his scroll painting are the most representative. His painting of Luoshen Fu had a far-reaching impact on later Chinese paintings. Gu Kaizhi’s argument of “writing God by form” and his “six methods” have laid a foundation for the development of Chinese traditional painting. The influence of painters is still lower than that of calligraphers and writers.
84Shen Kuo1031-1095The scientist of the Northern Song Dynasty was called the most outstanding figure in the history of Chinese science by Joseph Needham, a British scientist. His Mengxi Bi Tan plays an important role in the history of world cultureMengxi Bi Tan is an encyclopedic work, covering astronomy, mathematics, geography, physics, biology, medicine, military, archaeology, music, and other disciplines. It’s just that science in ancient China was far less influential than literature!
85Yang Yuhuan719-756The imperial concubine of the Tang Dynasty was one of the four most famous beauties in ancient ChinaYang Guifei was born beautiful and can be called the first beauty in the Tang Dynasty. She has been unparalleled for more than a thousand years. Yang Guifei’s legendary and true love story has been handed down among the people for thousands of years. Yang Yuhuan is also the most influential empress in the world. Her influence is longer and broader than that of Princess Diana in modern Britain! Such a low ranking may be set by the male chauvinism of the Chinese people’s Congress
86Xuan Zang602-664The famous master of Sanzang in the Tang Dynasty, one of the greatest Sutra translators in the history of Chinese Buddhism, and the founder of the Chinese Buddhist Dharma xiangweishi sectXuanzang’s Scripture learning was a feat in history. He is not the first monk to go to Tianzhu to learn scriptures, but his achievements are particularly great, his influence is particularly great, and his cultural significance is particularly far-reaching. He is not only a cultural giant in China, but also a cultural celebrity in the world. However, the influence of eminent monks is not necessarily above beauty!
87Liang Qichao1873-1929The representative figures of China’s modern reformers are the ideological enlighteners, bourgeois propagandists, political activists, educators, and historians of modern ChinaHe was one of the leaders of the reform movement of 1898 (Hundred Days Reform). He deeply participated in and influenced China’s great social activists in the transformation from the old society to the modern society. His historical works have far-reaching influence and are the founders of new historiography! However, the influence of science is not necessarily above religion!
88Emperor Xiaowen of Wei467-499He is an outstanding minority politician, strategist, and reformerHe advocates Chinese culture, implements sinicization, bans Hu clothes and Hu language, changes weights and measures, promotes education, and changes surnames. It is a summary and measure of ethnic integration after the Xianbei nationality, including all ethnic groups in the northwest, successively entered the Central Plains. He has improved the influence and cohesion of Han people in ethnic minorities. But the emperor’s reform is not necessarily more far-reaching than the social reformers!
89Guan Hanqingabout1220-1300Yuan Dynasty dramatist, “one of the world’s cultural celebrities”Guan Hanqing is a great writer in the history of Chinese literature and drama. He has created many Zaju and Sangu in his life and achieved outstanding achievements. He is a representative figure in the creation of ancient Chinese opera. His tragedy “Dou E’s injustice” is not ashamed of being listed as the world’s great tragedy “, but his influence has always been overestimated!
90Peng Dehuai1898-1974He is one of the founders of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, the founding father of the Republic, and one of the most important “Heroes”Peng Dehuai has long served as one of the main leaders and decision-makers of the Communist army and organized the hundred regiments war during the war of resistance against Japan. Peng Dehuai became the most famous general and even an outstanding national hero in China’s modern history in the first World War of the Korean War!
91Cao XueqinAbout 1724 – about 1764Novelists of the Qing DynastyAfter ten years, he created a dream of red mansions with rich content, profound thought, and exquisite art, which pushed the creation of Chinese classical novels to the peak and occupied a very important position in the development history of world literature. ” Without talking about the dream of Red Mansions, it is useless to read all the poems and books. “This immortal masterpiece represents the highest achievement of Chinese novels so far, so it has a far-reaching impact on intellectuals and Chinese culture!
92Li Shizhen1518-1593A great ancient Chinese medical scientist and pharmacist, he was listed as a famous person in the ancient world in 1951His work compendium of Materia Medica is an unprecedented masterpiece of Chinese pharmacology, involving biology, chemistry, mineralogy, and geology. It has made great contributions to the development of Chinese pharmacology. Darwin praised it as “An Encyclopedia of ancient China”.
93Cai Yuanpei1868-1940Cai Yuanpei went to Germany and France to study and investigate several times, studying philosophy, literature, aesthetics, psychology, and cultural history, which laid an ideological and theoretical foundation for his commitment to reforming feudal educationWhen Cai Yuanpei was the director general of education and President of Peking University, he opened the wind of “academic” and “freedom” and made great contributions to the development of China’s new culture and education.
94Ban Gu32 -92Ban Gu, a historian of the Eastern Han Dynasty, wrote the first chronological history of the Han Dynasty in Chinese historyNew forms of content such as criminal law annals and geography annals have been added to Hanshu. Geographical records recorded the administrative divisions, historical evolution, and household registration figures of the counties and countries at that time, as well as the economic development and customs, which made Ban Gu an influential historical geographer in Chinese feudal society.
95Jin Yong1924—2018The most famous Chinese writer of martial arts novelsJin Yong’s novels have been popular in China for decades, known as “where there are Chinese, there are Jin Yong’s martial arts novels”, and more than a dozen of Jin Yong’s novels have developed and precipitated into Chinese classic novels, just like China’s four famous novels, forever shining!
96Chen ZhenlongAbout 1543 ~ 1619The impact of sweet potatoes on China is enormous. It has saved hundreds of millions of people in ChinaAlthough it is only a matter of time before sweet potatoes enter China, and there are more than three routes when sweet potatoes enter China in the late Ming Dynasty, Chen Zhenlong and his family played the largest and huge role in the introduction, dissemination, and promotion of sweet potatoes! He is worthy of being the “father of sweet potato”.
97Ma Hua teng1971-One of the main founders of Tencent, also known as “the father of QQ”, was selected as one of the 100 most authoritative and influential people in the world by American Time magazine“At present, QQ has nearly 1 billion registered users at home and abroad, and more than 100 million online users. QQ has changed Chinese people’s way of life and behavior, and even values and outlook on life. Its influence is explosive! However, the history of influence is still short, so it is later.
98Chen Sheng? -208 BCIt is known as the “first leader of peasant uprising” in Chinese historyChen Sheng is the first person to fight against brutal rule civilians in three generations (Xia, Shang, and Zhou for more than 1000 years). Although “officials force the people to oppose” is the affordability of the people and the necessity of human history, Chen Sheng’s first uprising as a bottom society (or oppressed class) still plays a strong exemplary role. The reason why Chen Sheng is not in the top position is that there are more elements pushed onto the stage by history.
99Zhang Zeduan1085-1145A painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, his genre painting “the picture of the river during the Qingming Festival” is one of the world-famous paintingsIn the more than 800 years since its publication, it has been played and appreciated by countless collectors and connoisseurs, which is the goal of later emperors and dignitaries. The picture of the river during the Qingming Festival provides important historical materials for future generations to understand and study the urban social life of the Song Dynasty. Since then, all the urban genre paintings drawn in previous dynasties have been affected by it.
100Bruce Lee1940-1973A generation of martial artists, a famous kung fu film emperor, and the founder of kung fu filmsHe is the first person to spread Chinese Kung Fu to the world and the first Chinese to enter Hollywood. He has great influence all over the world! He revolutionized the development of martial arts and kung fu films in the world. His physique and strength have set off an upsurge in Chinese fitness.

Chinese historical figures are analyzed and listed in no chronological order as the top 100 most influential historical celebrities. Influence does not take into account who is famous, significant, outstanding, widely circulated or influential for a while, but rather which person in history has changed the course of Chinese history, the direction of development, people’s livelihood and economy, and way of life, and whether it has changed the outlook on life, values, the ideology of most people in history The history of China’s history is not just about the people, but about which person changed the course of history, the direction of development, the livelihoods, the economy and the way of life. For reference and study only!

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