List of Serbian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NameWebsite Relationships Introduction
Official website of the Serbian Royal Family website of the Serbian Royal Family, available in Serbian and English, with an overview of the history of the Royal Family, introduction to the members of the Royal Family, charity events, press releases, etc.
The national external radio station of the Republic of Serbia national external radio station of the Republic of Serbia. It is the only radio station in Serbia that broadcasts programs on shortwave in 12 languages, namely English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Albanian, Greek, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese and Serbian, to all regions of the world.
Official website of the Serbian Tourism Organization official website of the Serbian Tourism Organisation presents an overview of Serbia, an introduction to the destination, cultural landscapes, nature tourism, sports, hotel accommodation, etc.
Krstarica  SerbianKrstarica is one of the most visited portals in Serbia, it also has a search engine. The site was founded in March 1999. The site reports on the latest daily news from Serbia’s Newsflash and has a directory of local sites categorized by topic and various content. The site has 1.6 million visitors per month. The company is based in Belgrade, Serbia.
Emotion Production  SerbianEmotion Production, founded on 14 January 2003, is a Serbian media company based in Stari Grad, Belgrade.
Politika  SerbianPolitika is a Serbian daily newspaper, published in Belgrade. It was founded in 1904 by Vladislav Ribnica and is the oldest daily newspaper still in circulation in the Balkans.
Blic Onlinewww.blic.rsSerbianBlic Online, the online version of the famous Serbian daily newspaper Blic, was created in 1996 to provide content on current affairs, politics, economy, business, sports, entertainment, culture, life, horoscopes, forums, social, weather, pictures, videos, etc., both at home and abroad. The website is available in both English and Serbian.
B92http://www.b92.netSerbianInternet, radio, and TV, the latest news from Serbia.
Official website of the Serbian government. website of the Serbian government.
HAPPY TV TV is a Serbian TV station offering entertainment and TV series, providing program schedules, previews, program guides, program broadcasts, programs to watch online, etc. The language of the website is Croatian.
Balkan R TV R TV is a Serbian general television station that provides general programming, including all kinds of news and information, hot insights and tracking, program schedules, previews, program guides, etc. The website language is Serbian.
AVALA is located in Belgrade, Serbia, and is focused on providing entertainment, TV shows, upcoming TV shows, exciting online recaps of great TV shows, show guides, show previews, show schedules, etc. The website language is Croatian.
MUZIKA.RS presents music and entertainment news from Serbia and abroad, music videos online, and a variety of live, reportage, and talk shows to watch. Users can also register for more services. The site is very comprehensive and is available in Serbian.
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