List of Northern Mariana Islands news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipIntroduction
OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Mariana IslandsThe website of the Northern Mariana Islands State Autonomous Government, language of the website is English, the content includes government overview, government news, leaders’ speeches, etc.
MARIANAS VISITORS AUTHORITY Mariana IslandsThe official website of the Northern Marianas Visitors Authority provides an overview of the Northern Mariana Islands state, and information on special activities such as golf, surfing, and accommodation. This tropical paradise offers crystal clear blue waters, stunning beaches, exciting nightlife, shopping, a variety of local snacks, and many outdoor activities.
MARIANAS VARIETY NEWS & VIEWS Mariana IslandsFounded in 1972 and based in Saipan, the Marianas News & Observer is one of the best newspapers in the Northern Mariana Islands. A member of the Associated Press, Reuters, and the Pacific Islands News Association, the newspaper is published five times a week and has a wide readership and a history of award-winning publications. The official website of the Marianas News & Observer is in English and features in-depth features on local and international news.
SUBMARINE SIRENA Mariana IslandsSubmarine Sirena is a local travel agency located on Saipan in the Northern Marianas that offers local tours and services that visitors need to inquire about and develop by phone. The Northern Marianas is an overseas territory of Spain, with tourism resources concentrated on Saipan. The website is available in English, Korean, and Japanese.
The Marshall Islands Journal Mariana IslandsThe Marshall Islands Journal (The Marshall Islands Journal) is the leading bilingual English and French daily newspaper in the Marshall Islands and is the main source of news and information for the local population. The website is the official website of The Marshall Islands Journal, offering national and international news, lifestyle, current affairs, archived periodicals, advertising, newspaper subscriptions, a photo gallery, etc.
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