List of Ghana news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NameWebsite RelationshipIntroduction
Government of Ghana website is the official website of the Government of Ghana (GOG), mainly providing an overview of the country, government agencies, business information, current affairs news, etc.
Ghana Tourism Board Ghana Tourism Board has a Chinese language page with useful information on Ghana in general, Ghana city profiles, attractions, various themed tours, shopping, accommodation, and transportation.
Blas Tours in 2003, Blas Tours is a local Ghanaian travel management company that caters to the diverse travel and business needs of tourists in Ghana, Togo, and Benin and is now one of the leading travel agencies in Ghana.
Joy Online Online is one of Ghana’s largest news portals with the goal of providing a one-stop information platform for people of black African descent.
MultiTV is Ghana’s number one satellite television station, located in the capital city of Accra, and is a general television station. The site offers various news services, online clip viewing, program schedules, previews of program content, program guides, program reviews, weather, and links to other websites. The site is available in English.
Ghana Entertainment Channel Entertainment is a Ghanaian entertainment television station offering news and information, film and television, music and sports, etc. The website language is English.
Ghana Three Three is Ghana’s leading television station with exclusive breaking news, and entertainment programs and is the channel of choice for family leisure and entertainment.
CRTV is a long-established television station in Ghana, created in 1991, this website provides royal news information, etc. The language of this website is English.
GhanaianTimeshttp://www.newtimesgh.comGhanaThe GhanaianTimes is the second largest official newspaper in Ghana and is published by THE GUINEA PRESS LIMITED.
Graphic Online Daily Graphic Online (Graphic Online) is the official website of Ghana’s largest national daily newspaper in terms of circulation. It was founded in 1950 by the British Daily Mirror Group and features news, pictures, and videos on politics, sports, business, society, entertainment, and features.
Ghana News Agency (GNA)http://www.ghananewsagency.orgGhanaGhana News Agency (GNA) is the official news agency of Ghana, established on 5 March 1957 (on the eve of Ghana’s independence, which was declared on 6 March) with the aim of “disseminating truthful and unbiased news”, and was the first news agency in sub-Saharan Africa.
Ghana Web is a popular portal in Ghanahttp://ghanaweb.comGhanaGhana Web is a popular portal in Ghana.
Daily Graphic Daily Graphic is Ghana’s main official newspaper and the country’s largest circulation national daily newspaper, complete with a weekly business newspaper, the Graphic. Its official website (Graphic Online) is one of Ghana’s comprehensive portals, providing information on current affairs, sports, entertainment, finance, social life, education, and more.
peacefmonline.comhttp://www.peacefmonline.comGhanaGhana news website, news, politics, sports, business, entertainment, and other news. the latest news on entertainment, sports, business, and more.
MyJoyOnline.comhttps://www.myjoyonline.comGhanaGhana’s most comprehensive website. Credible, fearless, and independent journalism.
Latest news from Ghana news from Ghana.
AdomOnline.com is your news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle website. We bring you the latest breaking news and content directly from the source.
Graphic Online news from Ghana, news headlines, and Ghana’s news of the day, visit the Graphic Online news site to follow Daily Graphic Newspaper Ghana’s largest news coverage.
BLAS TOURS in 2003, Blas Tours is a local Ghanaian travel management company dedicated to meeting the diverse travel and business needs of tourists within Ghana, Togo, and Benin and is now one of the leading travel agencies in Ghana.
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