List of Angolan news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name WebsiteRelationshipsIntroduction
Governo da Angola website is the official website of the Government of Angola (Governo da Angola) and provides an overview of the country, the President, a brief description of the government structure, current news, etc. The language of the website is Portuguese.
Angola Adventure Safaris Adventure Safaris is a travel agency specializing in holiday and business trips in Angola, with the following services: flight booking, travel advice, agency representation, visa representation, etc. The website is available in English.
Zap TV TV is one of Angola’s most famous TV stations, keeping up to date with TV programs, offering online videos of programs, news, entertainment, previews, sports, and links to other websites, in French.
Angolan News Agency Angolan News Agency is the official news agency founded in 1975 and based in Luanda, the capital of Angola, which announced the dissolution of the Soviet news agency
Eco-Tur is a local Angolan tourism company that aims to promote sustainable development of the Angolan tourism industry, offering quality tourism services to tourists from all over the world and showcasing the local culture. The website is available in English.
Afro Music Channel Music Channel is Angola’s leading music television station, known for playing black and African music
yahoo! news – Angola comprehensive news coverage, pictures, audio, video, and websites related to Angola.
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