How to boil Chinese medicine correctly for use? Let’s share it with you.

Pay attention to these three points when preparing traditional Chinese medicine. The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine has doubled. Many patient friends will not boil traditional Chinese medicine today. They will teach you a way to boil traditional Chinese medicine, which can improve efficacy without wasting it. Many people go home to boil traditional Chinese medicine after buying traditional Chinese medicine. The first step is wrong. We should soak traditional Chinese medicine for half an hour to about an hour. Because traditional Chinese medicine is very dry and hard and has a certain thickness. If it is not soaked through, In this case, if you boil it directly, the effective ingredients of the drug will not be released completely, so you’d better soak it for a while to make it easier to boil through.

The second thing to note is that when you take it home, you usually boil it twice with water, boil it once, pour it out, add water again, and drink it together. This is the best way to release more active ingredients of the drug.

Third point: like some prescriptions for removing moisture and regulating spleen and stomach deficiency, you can boil the remaining dregs again. For the third time, you can use boiling water to soak your feet in the evening. The effect is good. We can turn waste into treasure.

By paying attention to the above matters, we can make good use of traditional Chinese medicine resources and avoid waste.

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