Fashion and dress can learn from Royal celebrities and their dressing skills.

The following is a list of famous Royal celebrities in the world who are very famous for their clothes according to the sorting of fashion magazines and other materials. Let’s learn from them:

orderCelebrity nameDress characteristics
01Princess DianaThe most beautiful princess;Outstanding;Fashion icon;Comfortable color matching;plentiful;vogue;
02Kate Middleton stylish; fashion; figure; temperament; stunning;
03Mary DonaldsonGood at dressing; Dignified atmosphere; Elegant and capable; Fashion; Lively; Collocation;
04Charlene westock“Mermaid”; makeup; clothing; jewelry; shoes; nail polish; detail;
05YashinraniaComfortable; atmospheric; fashion; new; noble; beautiful; wisdom; dignified; elegant; gentle and kind;
06Letizia Ortis rocassolanoElegant temperament; calm; brand is not a key factor; show style; fashion; concept;
07Amelia WindsorModels; Open minded, free
08Maxima soregietaFashion; Try boldly; to open up; Rich colors; not to stick to one pattern; Other accessories and patterns; Strong color; Domineering;
09Charlotte cassiratchAppearance level; moral character; beauty; vougue; model; model; love of fashion; fashion; model;
10Prince CharlesDignified; Serious; Combination; be strict in one ‘s demands; Serious; Exquisite; Fashion;

Rough sorting, for learning only.

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