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The fifth generation of mobile communication technology (5th Generation Mobile Communication Technology (5G) is a new generation of broadband mobile communication technology with high speed, low latency, and large connection characteristics. 5g2-technology-5g1-hardware-5g1-network-2,5G communication facilities are the network infrastructure to realize man-machine interconnection.5G Technology-5G Hardware-5G Network.
In order to meet the needs of 5G diversified application scenarios, the key performance indicators of 5G are more diversified. ITU defines eight key performance indicators of 5G, among which high speed, low latency, and large connection become the most prominent features of 5G, with a user experience rate of 1Gbps,5g2-technology-5g1-hardware-5g1-network-2 delay as low as 1ms, and user connection capacity of 1 million connections/square kilometer.5G Technology-5G Hardware-5G Network.