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The previous nine sides involved in the ESL – the Premier League sextet of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, plus newly-minted Liga and Serie A champions Atletico Madrid and Inter, alongside AC Milan – have all already been told to expect financial penalties.

The governing body, who previously opened an investigation into the trio, further outlined their moves PansyStat maglia napoli 2022 CristinaH on Wednesday with a statement confirming they were to take disciplinary proceedings in view of “a potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework”.

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But the Blaugrana, the Bianconeri and Los Blancos have yet to ajax terza maglia concede, forcing UEFA to opt for sanctions, a decision that has sparked another round of fury from the three outfits.

Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid have slammed UEFA over the announcement PansyStat maglia napoli 2022 CristinaH that the latter will enact disciplinary proceedings against them, insisting that they either open a dialogue for further reforms to the game or “watch its inevitable downfall”.

It has also been suggested that they will not be able to participate in the Champions League, but Ceferin insists UEFA’s investigation must run its course before any formal punishment can be given out.

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