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In the 1940s, the discovery over the US, which the newspapers called the “elliptical glow,” was the beginning of contemporary interest in UFOs, which later looked at UFO reports around the world. The ufo-ufo information-the ufo story.
The term “UFO” originated from the US Air Force’s Project Blue Book, whose first director was Captain Edward Rupert, who formally invented the term “UFO” to distinguish between the inaccurate and suggestive “flying saucer” used at the time. The ufo-ufo information-the ufo story.
UFO full name Unidentified Flying Object, Chinese meaning UFO, flying saucer. The UFO is recorded in the ancient Ezekiel book in Europe.
In ancient China, the UFO was also called Star Cha.
The UFO phenomenon is roughly divided into four categories: the misidentification of known phenomena, unknown natural phenomena, unknown natural organisms, and the fourth category refers to the aircraft with obvious intelligent flight ability, rather than that made by earth people, namely the flying saucer (Flying Saucer) of an alien civilization.
according to various observed phenomena,
but people pay more attention
to the UFO
phenomenon (i. e., flying saucer) that may be caused by a high extraterrestrial civilization.

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