Category: Extraterrestrial Life

Exextraterrestrial life is life other than the earth. Modern scientific research shows that the Earth is not unique in the universe. There are many planets like Earth, almost all over the universe. Therefore, the possibility of extraterrestrial life is being accepted by more and more people. There are three reasons for the existence of extraterrestrial life: one is a large number of areas in the universe; the other is that the elements found in the Earth and the solar system, such as C, H, O, and N, are also found throughout the universe; and the organic compound reaction can be performed in many environmental conditions. Scientists have discovered ordinary organic molecules in dark interstellar clouds, further supporting the theory of extraterrestrial life. Extraterrestrial life-cosmic civilization-alien civilization-NASA.
Astronomers have recently discovered that an essential component of ribonucleic acid (RNA) floats in the hot and compact core of a large star-forming region of the Milky Way. These molecules have the potential to form life-related material on the planets, which means that many corners of the universe. Extraterrestrial life-cosmic civilization-alien civilization-NASA