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Astronomy is a discipline that studies the structure and development of celestial bodies and the universe. The content includes the structure, nature, and operation rules of celestial bodies. Astronomy is an ancient science. Since the history of human civilization, astronomy has played an important role. cosmic2-astronomy-cosmic-astronomy-information-cosmic-astronomy-discovery.
Mainly by observing the radiation emitted by celestial bodies to the earth, discovering and measuring their position, exploring their laws of motion, and studying their physical properties, chemical composition, internal structure, energy source, and evolution law.cosmic2-astronomy-cosmic-astronomy-information-cosmic-astronomy-discovery.
The object of astronomy research has a great scale, a very long time, and extreme physical characteristics, so it is difficult to use the ground laboratory to simulate. Therefore, astronomy research methods mainly rely on observation. Because the Earth’s atmosphere is opaque to ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and γ -rays, many space exploration methods, and means have emerged, such as balloons, rockets, artificial satellites, and spacecraft.