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Constellations are a means of locating the sky in almost all civilizations and are widely used in navigation. The division of constellations is completely human, and different civilizations have different divisions and names. There were no precise boundaries until 1930 when the International Astronomical Union divided the sky into 88 formal constellations so that each star in the sky belonged to a specific constellation. Most of these formal constellations are based on ancient Greek mythology dating from the Middle Ages. Constellation-Constellation Information-Constellation Books.
In a three-dimensional universe, these stars do not necessarily have practical relationships with each other, but they are close to the celestial sphere shell, and they may be far apart. If humans were in another solar system in the Milky Way, they would see completely different stars. Since ancient times, there has been an interest in the arrangement and shape of the stars, and it has natural. Constellation-Constellation Information-Constellation Books.