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Ask search engine is a more famous foreign search engine, although its scale is not large, but very distinctive. Ask-Ask Technology-Ask Information.
Ask’s share of the global search was 0.72%. Don’t underestimate such a little share, but its traffic is amazing. It uses Google’s search algorithm, and the search results are basically similar to Google’s. When we run Google search ads, we are prompted whether to put the ads in our Google search partners and ask if a search partners. Ask-Ask Technology-Ask Information
Ask is a search engine that supports natural questions, its database stores more than 10 million questions and answers, and as long as you can enter a question directly in English, it will give the answer, if your question answer is not in its database, then it will list a list of similar questions and contain links to your answer, for your choice. Ask is the fourth-largest search engine in the United States, after Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. The Ask search engine, formerly known as AskJeeves, was founded in 1996 and is an established search service website that originally featured natural language search. After being acquired by IAC in 2005, Ask abandoned its past image as a little housekeeper and changed. Ask-Ask Technology-Ask Information.

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