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Archaeology represents the community observed in ancient remains (especially in primitive societies). archaeology1-archaeological-technology-archaeological-information.
The term “archaeology” appeared in Chinese very early. For example, Lu Dalin, a scholar in the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote the book Archaeological Map (1092), but the so-called “archaeology” at that time was limited to the collection and arrangement of some ancient bronzes and stone carvings, which was very different from the archaeological meaning in the modern sense. An archaeology1-archaeological-technology-archaeological-information.
The main object is the physical data left over from ancient human activities.
All kinds of movable objects were left over from ancient human activities. Relics are generally classified by the raw materials or use functions of the objects. For example, the raw materials of the utensils can be divided into wood, stone, jade, pottery, bone ware, etc.; and the uses or functions can be divided into tools, weapons, living utensils, ornaments, art, etc.