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       6G, the sixth generation Mobile communication standard, a conceptual wireless network mobile communication technology, also known as the sixth generation mobile communication technology. The main promotion is the development of the Internet,6G Technology-6G Hardware-6G Network.
       The data transmission rate of 6G may reach 50 times that of 5G, and the delay is shortened to one-tenth of that of 5G, which is far better than 5G in terms of the peak rate, delay, flow density, the density of connections, mobility, spectral efficiency, and positioning capability.6G Technology-6G Hardware-6G Network.
Several key measures of 6G technology: 1. The peak transmission speed reaches 100Gbps and 1Tbps, while 5G is only 10Gbps; 2. The indoor positioning accuracy reaches 10 cm, and the outdoor positioning accuracy is 1 m, which is 10 times higher than 5G; 3. Communication delay is 0.1 milliseconds, which is the very one of 5G; 4. Interruption probability is less than one in one million, with super high reliability; 5. The density of connecting equipment reaches more than 100 pieces per cubic meter, with ultra-high density; 6. Terahertz (THz) frequency band communication is adopted, and the network capacity is greatly increased.
Face the technical problems to edit the broadcast 1. immature terahertz communication technology, which challenges integrated electronics and new materials. 2. Technical problems in data from collection to consumption.

Development and Prospects of 6G Technology

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What are the improvements and advantages of 6G technology compared to 5G technology?

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